BBQ time, keto diet is great

Today it was time for another BBQ. We went to our usual place for the $20 all you can eat buffet. It has a wide range of different food to choose, both Keto friendly and non-keto friendly. Going to one of these is just perfect for a group where some of your freinds are on a low carb diet and some are not. We started out with some lettuce, cucumber and tomato with cheese. After a while the BBQ was starting to be done and we started the feast.

BBQ grill

On the bbq today there were 3 kinds of sausages. One of them was my favorite, it was stuffed with cheese which just poored out when cutting the sausage. I also had some of the wonderful mini burgers which were grilled to perfection. Shrimps was a nice addition. Seafood is not my personal favorite but grilled shrimps are very good, especially when they are already pealed. The bacon and beef steak were also really good.

BBQ plate

Normally it is hard to not eat too much food when there is this much good food but sometimes you have to treat yourself a little. A good idea when you already know you will go to one of these all you can eat bbqs is to lower down your intake the day before a little. Another option that I use sometimes is to not eat anything during the day before I go to the BBQ. This way i would have a small periodic fasting before I have a bigger intake of food.

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