Beef, egg and cheese for lunch

Had a very simple meal today for lunch. Did not have any time to do anything fancy yesterday evening when I was cooking. Also no time to go out to a restaurant for lunch since I was planning to go to the gym today. For these times when I do not have so much time i usually end up doing something simple but still good.

Since yesterday evening we had some beef steak with a nice bearnaise sauce I took some leftovers of the beef and used that as a base for my lunch. In order to get a little more fat into the meal and also to beeing full most of the day I added on one boiled egg and some cheese.

beef egg and cheese

A simple but still quite good meal when on a keto diet.

Ingredients Energy Protein Fat Carbs
200g Beef Steak 381 kcal 37 g 26 g 0 g
50g Cheese 193 kcal 13 g 16 g 1 g
1 Egg 82 kcal 7 g 6 g 0 g


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