Health Benefits

In the media there has been a lot of writing how bad low carb diets such as keto and paleo are for you. However most of these statements have an scientific background. Instead there actually are many health benefits to eating foods with low carbohydrates and high in natural fats. Those who eat according to a low carb diet such as keto diet will typically find that problems with pains in different body parts might disappear. Migraine seizures can become less and less rare. Your stomach problems, such as bloated stomach, gas, headburn will disappear.

By changing towards a low carb keto diet you can also notice improved sleep, your hair and nails become finer. Your problems with acne and rosacea can be better. Your blood sugar will dramatically improve and your sugar cravings will disappear. In addition to this you will also have a lowered risk of getting diabetes. For your normal life you will also feel more alert and be in a better general mood.


Those with diabetes should keep in mind that a lower blood sugar can affect ev. medication. If you have diabetes, you can experience great health benefits by eating foods with low carbs and high fat naturally. The blood sugar stabilized at a lower level and insulin requirements reduced. It is also common that diabetics lose weight when eating a low carb-diet. If you already have  type 2 diabetics you can reduce and in some cases also completely stop taking medication after starting with a  keto diet or other low carb diets. It is important that people with diabetes control their blood sugar levels closely during the transition to keto diet and possibly adjust the medication to prevent blood sugar gets too low, or you could suffer from low blood sugar.

Many people comment on that eating so much fat when using keto diet will be dangerous for your cholesterol. People also worry about getting heart attacks or other cardiovascular diseases. There are many myths about the risk of getting a high cholesterol and they start becoming more disproved in different research papers. As a matter of fact, cholesterol is a vital substance that is used as the building blocks of cell membranes. A certain amount of cholesterol in the body comes from the foods you eat, but the vast majority (around 80 percentage) of cholesterol is actually produced by the body itself.

health benefits
health benefits

Cholesterol is transported in the blood and is traditionally measured in total cholesterol. This value does not show much, but you should look at the different types of cholesterol in order to draw any conclusions. Cholesterol comes in different varieties.  You have the bad cholesterol which is LDL particles and the good cholesterol in HDL particles. When you eat according to a keto diet the total cholesterol can still increase. Usually it is because the good HDL particles increased. If you eat natural, saturated fats found in butter, fish and meat the you will only get the increase in the good HDL particles. This is only food for you and will give you health benefits.

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