June Weight Loss update for week 1

Time for an update on how the weight loss is going so far. I have now been on a keto diet for over 4 months (4 months and 3 days) and everything is still going very good. This week I have a weight loss of around 2 kilo (4 pounds) and the weight lifting is also going very good lately.

June week 1 on keto diet
June week 1 on keto diet

At the gym I have increased weight in most exercises and set new personal bests in around half of the weight lifting exercises. To me this is quite good and especially considering I have also in the same period lost over 2 kilo.

The food I have been eating has been quite similar like previous weeks. A lot of beef and a lot of Bearnaise sauce together with it. I have not had any breakfast for this week. I do not really need it since I do not feel hungry during the day and when it becomes time for lunch at 12 I am still not really hungry. The only problems is that I do my weight lifting before lunch so I sometimes get a little low on energy in the end of the weight lifting exercises.

Tomorrow I plan to go to the gym again and do a couple of extra sets of squats and also focus a little more on the chest area. These are the two areas I currently am doing best in and they are also my two favorite areas right now at the gym. Could be because I am quite strong in these kind of exercises.

Not going to record down my results for tomorrow and mainly focusing on high reps and do not care so much about setting new personal bests for tomorrow. Another update on the weight loss progress will come in one week. Hoping to be around 96.5 kilo by that time.

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