Keto diet bad breath, how to cure it

keto diet bad breath
keto diet bad breath

When eating according to a low carb diet it is easy that you could get a bad breath. This phenomen is usually called keto diet bad breath or low carb bad breath. The bad breath from the low carb diet is usually caused by certain chemicals that are released in the breath when your body is burning fat. This is called ketones and happens when you get into ketosis.

You can use this bad breath as a way to tell that you have actually come into ketosis. According to Kenneth Burrell who is the senior director of the council on scientific affairs of the American Dental Association this is very natural.

Carbohydrates aren’t readily available, so you start to use other fats and proteins as your source of energy, and as a result you are going to get a breath problem

Usually when having a keto diet bad breath or a low carb bad breath people assume it is due to poor oral hygiene. This is however not true since that brushing, flossing and scraping your tongue or teeth will not help with this bad breath.

How to help to hide keto diet bad breath

You can hide the bad breath with things like mouthwashes or chewing gum but there might still be a possibility that the smell will come through. Another option is to get some sugarless mints that will not impact your low carb diet.

If you have a metabolic cause of bad breath, there is very little the dentist can do; you have to change your diet

low carb diet bad breath
low carb diet bad breath

Other options to help with the keto diet bad breath is to drink more water and swish it around in the mouth to at least get out the food particles that could add to the odor. Another option might be to even add on some carbohydrates to your diet. It is not optimal for someone on a low carb diet but if you really need to avoid the keto diet bad breath this might be something you need to do.

However you need to remember, to have a full effect of your keto diet you need to remember that the way a low carb diet works is that your body starts to break fat into ketones to create ketosis. This process will impact your urine and saliva and cause the keto diet bad breath.

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