Keto Diet Basics

When you start out with a keto diet it is important to know what to eat and what to drink. We have written several guidelines that you can use find out what is good food for you and what kind of food you should avoid on a keto diet. It is however also important to know how a keto diet basics actually works to being able to completely get all advantages with it. You need to know why are you loosing weight when using a keto diet or any other low carb diet and at the same time you do not get hungry. If you know a few simple keto diet basics then it would be easier for you to improve your food intake and get the best result on your weight loss.

In short the keto diet basics works in the way that your body is changing its main energy source from carbohydrates to fat. Since the body is not getting enough carbohydrates it is actually forced to switch the energy source to fat.All carbs that come in to your body and your stomach are normally converted to glucose. This process will occurs for both fast and slow carbohydrates so all types of food that contain carbs are converted to glucose when broken down in the stomach. This includes food like dark rye bread, pasta, couscous, rice and other similar foods.

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When you eat a lot of carbs you increase the blood sugar. This will also cause your insulin production to increase in your body. Insulin ensures that blood sugar levels drop. Insulin at the same time ensure that the fat in the food you eat is stored in your body. Usually carbs that you have in your food is used as energy. If not all the carbs that you consume in your food is converted to energy the leftover carbs will be stores as fat in the body.

In today’s world we humans normally have too much carbohydrates in our food. All the extra energy that we take in will not be used directly and instead stored as additional energy that can be used later. The main reason for this is that the body is built to handle times when it was more difficuly to find food. If the human body was not able to store additional energy within the body humans would probably not be around today. This was the process that made us survive a long time ago. In today’s world for most people it is however not a problem to get food several times per day and also every day. Most people even get too much food and energy in their daily intake. This is also what causes us to gain weight and get more and more fat. Our bodies are still working according to a world where we would not be able to get food on a daily basis. The body is even prepared that we would not get food for several days, which is not the situation today.

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If our diet instead would contain very little carbs our body would instead use the stored fat as a way to generate energy. The body is designed to being able to switch over from carbohydrates to the fat stored in the body. In addition to the change of energy source if you have a low carb intake for a long time  certain parts of the human body will work much better. As an example the heart will work much better when it gets the energy from fat instead of carbs.

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