Keto Diet Coffee follow up

Yesterday I wrote about keto diet coffee and the 3 recipes I mainly use when making keto diet coffee. After that article I got some questions and comments that I will try to address here.

The most important part to remember that this type of coffee is not suitable for every kind of diet. I am mainly focusing on keto diet and other low carb diets and for those this kind of coffee is very good. If you instead are on a diet that is focusing on a low intake of calories or fat then of course this kind of keto diet coffee is probably not for you.

Keto Diet Coffee with butter, cream or egg yolks?

Keto Diet Coffee
Keto Diet Coffee

Another thing is the amount of butter, cream or egg yolks to use when making the keto diet coffee. In the article I put down the amount that I use for my coffee. I mainly make espresso coffee so my keto diet coffee is in small cups, but at the same time quite strong. If you instead drink brewed coffee you might want to experiment with other portions of butter, cream or egg yolks.

Some people might not like the taste of this kind of keto diet coffee and for sure, it is not for everyone. At least I hope that you try it out and check if it something that you like, or even can tolerate to drink. Try to experiment a little with different amounts of coffee, egg yolks, butter or cream. You could also try to mix them in different combinations to try to improve the taste.

I also mentioned in that article that you might want to try to add on some additions. I prefer to use Vanilla powder but Cinnamon is also really good sometimes. Try out with different kinds of additions and see which one that suits you the best (but be careful so they do not contain carbs).

Hope that this clears up some of the questions and comments that people had about my previous article about keto diet coffee. If you have any other questions, comments or other keto diet coffee recipes then please add them in the comments here or in the other article.

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