Keto diet Snacks – 5 Recipes that you will love

When on a keto diet sometime you feel like eating a small snack. As most normal snacks are full of sugar and carbohydrates you will need to go for some keto diet snacks instead. Here are 5 keto diet snack recipes that will replace all those sugary snacks.

Fat Bombs as a keto diet snacks

One thing I make quite frequently are fat bombs and I have already put together an article from before about the best fat bomb recipes. Fat bombs are very low on carbohydrates and high on fat. They are the ultimate keto diet snack.

Coconut Oil Candies

keto diet snacks
keto diet snacks

Another fat bomb recipe that I have found are the Coconut oil candies over at Holistically Engineered. This recipe is quite easy to make and also tastes very good. With only around 2 carbs per candy it is also perfect as a keto diet snack.

Bacon wrapped food

keto snacks
keto snacks

Another good suggestion for some easy keto diet snacks is to use bacon and wrap it around sausages, pieces of chicken, an egg or whatever you want. A good example of this is bacon wrapped smokies that you can find over at cavemanketo.

Keto diet snack donuts

keto diet donuts
keto diet donuts

I guess you never thought that you could eat donuts when a keto diet but there is actually a really good recipe for keto donuts over at The recipe looks really nice and the result looks really nice. I have not tried this recipe myself yet but it is now bookmarked and I will try this out in the near future.

Keto Jello snacks

The last snack recipe I plan to share is a recipe for an extremely easy snack to make. It is the Keto Jello snacks over at Ketogenic Woman. There is only two ingredients in this recipe so it can not get much easier to make than this. The ultimate keto diet snack. With only 1 gram of carbohydrates in each snack you can enjoy this almost every day.

More keto diet snacks

If you are looking for even more keto snacks recipes I recommend these  two books from Amazon.

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