Keto Food when out at Restaurants

As you probably already have experienced sometimes when being on a special diet it can be hard to go out to restaurants. However with keto diet there are ways to find good keto food when out at restaurants.

One of the major problem that people experience when eating out at a restaurant is that it can be hard to find good dishes that you can eat. Most restaurants do not have alternatives that are for a specific diet so either you need to choose normal dishes and not eat the things you are not allowed. Another option is to ask the waiter if they can prepare a special meal for you by e.g. replacing some ingredients with more keto friendly alternatives.

If you can choose the food yourself at the restaurant you should obviously choose the food that is the best according to your diet. If you do not have this option your first choice could be to choose a nice piece of meat or fish from the menu. Skip the potato, pasta and rice and ask if it can be replaced by different accessories like salad, lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Try to check if they have a fat sauce and add that to you food. If you can also try to select the dishes with the highest fat content.

restaurant food

If there is real butter or cheese avaliable at the restaurant you can take an extra large portion of this to bring up the fat percentage. You have to keep in mind that food that is served on the restaurant often is very low in fat due to fat usually is quite expensive. Also the latest years media has convinced a lot of people that fat is bad for you so many restaurants have also replaced the good fat with light products. These light products are however not good for you and you should try to avoid them as much as possible.

If there is bread served at the table or together with your food you should of course skip it. An example is e.g. the bread on a hamburger which is easy to remove and in most places you can also have it replaced with some extra lettuce leaves instead. By doing a simple change to a normal dish like the hamburger with bread replaced with lettuce would transform from something quite un-healthy to a really good and health keto alternative.


You should also try to avoid the low fat butter that many restaurants serve today. Light margarine or low fat butter is not natural human food so stay away from it if the restaurant does not have real butter as an alternative.

Another option when you know you will go out to a restaurant with friends is to prepare in advance. You could adjust your diet during the rest of the day to make sure you do not need to eat so much at the restaurant. As an example you could prepare by eating extremely low on carbohydrates the days before and after and just have one meal where you do not follow your keto diet. Remember that it is not a one day race to reach your ideal weight. It is what you do the whole year that counts, not just one day. However you should be aware that eating a high amount of carbs will of course impact your results and might slow down your weight loss.

Also the same rule applies if you are invited out to a party to some friends.  You have to decide how strict you want to be, if your main focus is your diet then you can ask your friends before if you could have some special food. Sometimes you could even offer to bring it yourself. Many people are understanding that you are on a special diet and can adjust the food served according to your needs.

A general rule you should always try to follow is make sure you are living your life. Do not stop going out with your friends just because you are on keto diet. You just have to adjust the way you eat a little and you can still go to the same restaurants and eat with your friends.

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