Keto weight loss results for July Week 1

Another Sunday, so time for another report about my weight loss on the keto diet. Last month I had a really good progress with my weight loss since I started the month of June with 99.6 kilos and ended at 94.7 kilos. I did not have so high expectations on the month of July since I have now had 5 months with a quite big weight loss in every month. There needs to come a time where I can not get the same results anymore and the body needs to adjust a little.

I have now had 10 days in a row where I have not gained any weight, instead on 6 of these days I have actually lost weight and just in July I have dropped 2.1 kilos. The morning weight for today is only 92.6 kilos which is a new record low. The main goal of 90 kilos is now only 2.6 kilos away and I still have 2 months left on my time line. Looks like this goal will not be any problems to reach, perhaps even in this month.

July week 1
July week 1

Some difference to previous weeks is that I have not been to the gym that much. I only had one weight lifting session in the beginning of the week and it did not go so well. The main reason is that I have been feeling some pain in both my legs and also my back. Not sure what the reason is but the leg pain started in the middle of the night when I was sleeping when I got a strange feeling in my knee. The next day when I started to walk I felt this pain a little now and then. The pain in the legs is now totally gone so not worried about that anymore. The back pain has been there for almost a week now but is starting to get better.

In order to let the body recover a little from these things I decided to take a break at the gym for a while. Going back to the gym today though to check how it feels. For projections for this month I am not sure if it is useful or not. Either it continues in this great way it started or I gain it all back with no specific reason, hard to say right now.

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