Ketostix and other ketone level tests

If you want to find out if your body really is in ketosis the easiest way is to use ketostix.

There are a couple of different brands when it comes to how to measure your ketone levels in your urine but the most common is Ketostix from Bayer. Other similar brands are Rapid Response Urine Dipstick, URS Urinalysis Strips For Ketone and Phinex 10 Parameter .

All the different brands work in the similar way. You want to measure the ketone levels in your urine to determine if you are in ketosis or not. The way the test works is that ketones is a rest product that is produced when your body is using ketoacids as a source of energy. You produce more ketones when you eat a low amount of carbohydrates, just like you do when you are on a keto diet or other low carb diets. The way the body gets rid of the ketones is through your urine and that is why you are able to determine your ketone levels by doing measurements from your urine.

The test is performed by getting some of your urine on a small stick like the ketostix and then you will get the result in 10 to 15 seconds. The result will be visible by the ketostix changing color and you can then compare this with a color scale to see if you are in ketosis or not.

Using the ketostix is very simple as all you need to do is make sure you get some urine on the stick and then you can within 10-15 seconds measure and check if you are in ketosis or not.


There are also other ways to measure your ketone levels, like doing a blood test or by analyzing your breath. Measurements on the blood are however quite expensive and the usual cost per test is around $2 to $3. With a Ketostix the price comes down to around $0.1 per test.

Where to get ketostix

I usually buy my Ketostix from Amazon since that is where I find the cheapest price but you could look around at other shops also to see if you find it cheaper.

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