Salmon with salad and parmesan cheese

Started of today at around 10.00 with 2 eggs and some lemon water. This is quite a normal breakfast for me. Normally I replace the lemon water with coffee, especially when I am at the office but today it was too hot in the apartment to drink coffee so some lemon water was the best choice.

Since I have been lacking Bearnaise sauce for a couple of days now we decided to go to the only supermarket here in Shanghai where I can actually find some. Since it is a small trip we decided to also take some lunch there. We went to an Italian restaurant that makes really good pastas and pizza. I used to eat a pizza or two when we went to this place but today since I am on a keto diet I ended up choosing the salmon from the menu.


They also had some choices of beef steaks but since I had a nice 300g beef stake last night I went for the salmon today. It was served with some fried vegetables, some pesto mix (that I did not eat) and some potatoes (which I gave to my wife). On top of some of the salad there was a little Parmesan cheese. So basically I just had the salmon steak and some fried vegetables with the salad and a little cheese. To increase the fat percentage I added on some olive oil on top of the salmon. The salmon was cooked just perfect and I will have that one again in the future.

After lunch we went to Starbucks where I had one double espresso and one big Americano. This has become my normal order now at Starbucks but usually I take it after the gym training.

After coffee we took a small walk and after some rest at home I took a 25 minute walk to the gym. Since this was the fifth time this week I went to the gym I did not have any of my regular schedule left to do. Instead I decided to focus on some leg training and some chest training. Ended up doing around 15 sets with chest exercises and another 10 sets with leg exercises, including 4 sets of Squats.

I am really starting to get a good feel in the squats now but at the end of the 4 set I got a little strange feeling in my left leg so I decided to stop there. It went over directly and could do some leg presses after so I am not worried about it. For the chest exercises I did some new exercises also that I do not usually have in my weight lifting program like the smith bench press. Since it was the first time I did not do any heavy weights, more wanted to get the feeling on how it was.

For dinner we decided to make some chicken breast that we will serve together with some garlic butter and some salami sausage. This dish is really easy to make. The garlic butter I make by chopping up some garlic and then I microwave the butter for around 15 seconds. That makes it so much easier to handle than if you take it directly out from the fridge. I usually also add on some spices and salt to make the garlic butter taste a little more.

chicken salami and garlic butter
chicken salami and garlic butter

The chicken I just fry it in a pot with some butter and olive oil. Prefer to have both butter and olive oil since I think it gives a better taste. The additional oil that is left after cooking I simply pour over the finished chicken breasts. No need to waste any olive oil. Serve the chicken breast with some slices of salami sausage on top and some garlic butter.

Nutritional Information

Ingredients Energy Protein Fat Carbs Fiber Alcohol
250 g Salmon 452 kcal 46 g 30 g 0 g 0 g 0 g
25 g Olive Oil 221 kcal 0 g 25 g 0 g 0 g 0 g
10 g Parmesan Cheese 45 kcal 4 g 3 g 0 g 0 g 0 g
25 g Paprika 6 kcal 0 g 0 g 1 g 1 g 0 g
350 g Chicken 366 kcal 81 g 4 g 0 g 0 g 0 g
50 g Butter 360 kcal 0 g 41 g 0 g 0 g 0 g
25 g Olive Oil 221 kcal 0 g 25 g 0 g 0 g 0 g
25 g Salami 121 kcal 5 g 11 g 1 g 0 g 0 g
2 Egg 165 kcal 15 g 12 g 0 g 0 g 0 g
Total 1957 kcal 614 kcal 1332 kcal 11 kcal 1 kcal 0 kcal
gram 151 g 151 g 3 g 1 g 0 g
E% 31% 68% 1% 0% 0%

Today ended up very low on the carbs, I have some of these days where I eat very little carbs and some other days I eat a little more. I however try to stay below 20g carbs per day. The fat percentage ended up at 68% which is a little low. However in the end still a quite good keto diet day for me.

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